If you are a business in the Lancaster, Morecambe or Heysham area you may benefit from having some professional quality photos done to showcase your work.

Building Trades

Have photos of your projects done. For those larger projects you could even have before, during and after shots done and made into a book as a momento for the client and / or to show other prospective clients.

Beauty trade

Have your nails, make up, hair styles photographed, mounted and framed to shgow off your skills where everyone can see them.

Shops / Cafes

Have some high quality pictures taken to put on your walls to showcase your business. For example a cafe with pictures on the walls of bread, food, regular customers, the staff etc. Show off the fact that you are a friendly local business.

Guest houses and Public houses

Why not have some prints of the local area in your rooms or bar areas so that the Tourists can see just how nice it can be.

Selling Prints.

If you have wall space free then fill it with prints of the local area and offer them for sale. This can be done on a percentage basis where you get a set amount for every print sold or you can purchase prints for me and put you own price on them.  Give it a go, with the first option you have nothing to pay out and everything to gain.


Contact us for further details on any of the above.

Large Discounts available if you are willing to promote Bokeh Photography to your clients